Ultra Small Pixel LED display is standard size 2×1.6feet(600*337.5mm) with a die casting cabinet.

Full frontal service,ultra light,everything can be done in front.

Cabinet design with 16:9 ratio cabinet,high flatness, easy to install and disassemble.

U2 specifications

Pixel Pitch (mm)P0.93/1.25/1.56 /1.66/ 1.875 / 2/ 2.5 /
Brightness (nits)up to 1000
Refresh Rate(Hz):1920-3840

Elegant appearance

U2 ultra pixel pitch LED display had elegant appearance magic cube marks on backside to help the heat disspation quickly.And the precision is higher.

Hard connection

The module and cabinet is hard conection which made it is faster to assemble modules and HUB cards.Apart from this,it looks more tiny and beautiful.

Module compatible

One standard cabinet design for different pixel pitch,modules are universal,from P0.9 to P2.5.You can update the screen with smaller pixel pitch in future,only change modules.

Frontal service installation

Front service for LED power supply, cards and modules, ultra lightweight, magnesium alloy cabinet design.

Full HD,UHD,HDR,16:9 Ration

Cabinet with 600*337.5mm dimension 16:9 golden ratio , flatness, easy to install and disassemble.

Ultra wide viewing angle

The ultra-wide angle 160 degree enables spectators at any angle to enjoy a great experience.

High protection with GOB

With GOB on the surface,it can greatly increase the protection level,surface is waterproof,dustproof,damp proof etc.Highly reduce the LED diodes falling failure during the transportation and installation.

Seamless splicing, Excellent display experience

The LED Cabinet made by die-casting aluminum with ultra-high precision,the tolerance is less than 0.2mm.It is capable of fine adjustment.Ensure truly seamless connection and excellent image quality.With fast lock,no gaps and the LED screen is ultra high flatness can make seamless splicing.

Various installation methods

Wall mounting,hanging,ground stacking etc