IF2 is a fixed and flexbile LED display which is good for indoor commercial places, such as shopping malls, hotels, conference rooms, brand stores,airport,railway station etc

IF2 specifications

Pixel Pitch (mm)P1.5/1.9/2.5/2.6/3.9/
Brightness (nits)up to 3000
Refresh Rate(Hz)1920-3840

Die Cast Aluminum,High Flatness

The cabinet was made by die cast aluminum,high precision,flatness is high

Cabinet and Pixel Pitch Options

Cabinet has 1000x250mm,750x250mm and 500x250mm,pixel pitch has 1.5mm,1.9mm,2.5mm,2.6mm and 3.9mm.

Fully Front Maintenance Design

LED Cabinet,modules,controller,power supply are all front maintenance in front side,it can be saved the installation space.

Multiple installation methods

The cabinet supported fixed installation on the wall,hanging on the top,stacking on the ground etc.

Right Angle Corner and Creative Shapes Support

Cabinet can be assemble in right angle 90 degree corner,it is easy to make a cube shape or polygon shapes,cross shapes.

Excellent Display Proformance

Uniform colors diodes,160 degree wide watching angles to bring the vivid eye visual experience.

Product Details Video

For more product details,please check it from below video.