Fixed LED display is standard size 3x3feet with die casting cabinet, less weight and good heat radiation.Universal modules size with different pitch,like P2.5,P3.076,P3.33,P4,P5,P6.67,P8 and P10.

F1 specifications

Pixel Pitch (mm)P2.5/3.076 / 3.33 / 4/ 5 /6/ 6.67 /8/ 10/
Brightness (nits)up to 6500
Refresh Rate(Hz)1920-3840
ApplicationFixed / Rental

Module Compatible

Cabinet size 3x3ft(960*960mm),can be compatible with 320x160mm,pixel pitch 2.5mm,3.076mm,3.33mm,4mm,5mm,6.67mm,8mm and 10mm.

Module Compatible

Cabinet size 3x3ft(960*960mm),can be compatible with 1x1ft(320*320mm),pixel pitch 5.3mm,6.67mm,8mm,10mm.

Cabinet optional

With different cabinets design,meet different customer preferences

Cabinet design ideas

Integrated die casting molding, higher precision, more beautiful appearance.

How to change modules in front

With front and backside modules holes,it is easy to remove everything in front or back.Suitable for various installation environments

Stability for outdoor applications

Die cast magnesium aluminum alloy,high precision with CNC processing,strong and durable.

High level weather protection

It is designed for outdoor application,protection level is IP65.It can be working in different kinds of weather.

Multiple installation methods

Fixing on the wall,stacking(Floor stand),hanging,raised back bracket for perimeter LED display.Inventory available.

Ultra light

Less weight led display cabinet,vigorously reducing labor intensity,with quick locks,delicate structure for easy installation without gaps.

Application for outdoor

It can be used for rentals outside.