Flexible module is suitable for cylinder screen,cambered screen, wave screen, ribbon screen and other artistic modeling, application scenarios: planning museum, science and technology Museum, urban planning museum, art museum, museum, creative center, etc.

C1 specifications

Pixel Pitch (mm)P1.56/1.875/2/2.5 /3/ 4 /5/
Brightness (nits)up to 1200
Refresh Rate(Hz):1920-3840

Multiple curves or angles

The flexible LED module uses soft type material which makes it possible to be folded into multiple curves or angles,the smallest diameter of a round LED display is 300mm.The bending degree is less than 72 degrees.

Front & backside service

The flexible LED module support front and backside service.It is convenient to fixed on different locations.

Reliable Display Performance

Even the LED module was shaped into an irregular display configuration, the components on the PCB still working stable.

Variety Shapes

There are various kinds of shapes to fit projects. We could also make double face flexible LED display as well.

Application Fields

In order to fit each different scene, the flexible LED display is made up of superior quality materials with the concise and strong cabinet. This product is usually used in

  • Events Stages Exhibition
  • Airports
  • Shopping centers



Shopping Centers