All-in-one Conference LED Screen is paving the path for today’s modern conference system.With spectacular vivid and seamless UHD quality picture, superb high contrast details in gray image, front access lightweight die-cast aluminum housing, highly integrated reliable AV and control interfaces, in addition to a powerful customizable visualization software, the Intelligent Conference LED Screen products offer industry’s best solutions for meeting spaces, auditoriums, high-end retail display boards, boardrooms, control and command centers.

A3 specifications

Pixel Pitch (mm)P0.9375/P1.25/1.56 /1.875 / 
Brightness (nits)up to 1000
Refresh Rate(Hz):3840

Modular Design, Each Unit Only 28mm Thick

Each all-in-one LED screen is composed of some 600×337.5mm lightweight die-cast aluminum cabinets with the aspect ratio of 16:9.

The die-casting cabinet was made with very high precision to ensure an ultra-flat and seamless surface.

The cabinet is ultra-thin, only 28mm thick.

High Integrated

All-in-one led screen that highly integrates the UHD fine pitch direct-viewing led display, Android system, Speaker, WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, Audio, etc.

On one screen, it has all the functions of large-format TV, whiteboard, and projection screen. It can also connect with other professional AV devices to expand its application.

Standard 2K/4K,Various Sizes

Frontal service

Front service for LED power supply, cards and modules, ultra lightweight, die-cast alloy cabinet design.Using the smart tool, any module can be easily removed and reinstalled. Maintenance work can be performed regardless of whether the screen is working or not.

Various Installation Type

Wall Mounting & Ground Stacking

Android Operation System, Powerful CPU and GPU

Universal Android Operation System, the MacWall supports any Android-based App or APK installation.

The system card adopted powerful Cortex-A72 CPU and Mali T820 GPU.

Ultra wide viewing angle

The ultra-wide angle 160 degree enables spectators at any angle to enjoy a great experience.

High protection with GOB

With GOB on the surface,it can greatly increase the protection level,surface is waterproof,dustproof,damp proof etc.Highly reduce the lamp falling failure during the transportation and installation.

Built-in Wireless Device Connectivity For Screen Sharing

Supports Windows and Android systems to simultaneously display images from 4 devices. Improves meeting efficiency and team collaboration

Multiple APPs

Based on the Android system, basic APP like clock and calendar.Other APP like WhatsApp and Facebook can be downloaded. Contents can be edited via keyboard.

Highly Integrated System Solution

Supports third-party video conferencing software embedded installation. Achieves multi-site remote video conferencing with a HD conference camera. Allows remote parties to hold face-to-face communication without distance limitation