LED poster display is becoming more and more popular in the LED display market since it with the high brightness,rich color and seamless connaction.

Full frontal service,ultra light,everything can be done in front.

Cabinet with wheel,easy to move here and there.

LED poster displays are becoming more and more popular in the LED display market because of their high brightness,rich color and seamless connection.

Full front service,ultra light,everything can be done in front.

Cabinet with wheels, easy to move here and there.

A1 specifications

Pixel Pitch (mm)P1.875 / 2/ 2.5 /
Brightness (nits)up to 1000
Refresh Rate(Hz):1920-3840
Application:Floor stand,wall mounting,hanging

Slim & Light weight design

This kind of LED poster screen is specially designed to be lightweight, and the cabinet frame and LED parts focus on reliability and portability.

Most slim and light weight designs make the product easy to move and suitable for use in narrow space.

One Person Job, Easy Transport, save labor cost & time.

Excellent visual display

LED Poster Screen uses high-quality LEDs to ensure High Refresh Rate and High Contrast Ratio.The refresh rate is up to 3840Hz with high definition with 5000:1.Moreover, High Brightness provides viewers with perfect display effect.

Adjustable back bracket

LED Poster Screen is equipped with Hydraulic Back Bracket, which makes it stably standing on ground.This unique feature makes adjustable viewing angle available, allowing more audience to reach the content easily.Back Bracket is easy to pull out when you want to support the LED poster, and put in when you don’t need it.

Unique base-standing bracket

Base-standing Bracket makes the LED poster stand on ground stably. The bracket is movable with 4 wheels which makes the poster rotate freely, and allows freedom of movement in all directions.

Multi-installation method

Poster LED display supports Multi-installation Ways. This product is suitable for bracket standing installation, base-standing installation,lifting or hanging installation, multi cascade installation and creative installation.No need for steel structure, install the screen quickly and conveniently.

Smart cloud management

Poster LED Screen supports Synchronous & Asynchronous Control System. The LED screen content can be updated via iPad, phone, PC computer, or notebook.

Support Real-time Play, Cross-platform Publish, and USB or WIFI.Support operation by IOS or Android devices.Support Built-in Media Player to store and play content.

Seamless cascade

Poster LED display supports Seamless Cascade with multi screens to reach a large one.Poster LED screens can play as one big screen or separately.

Typical projects

Poster LED display can be used for the display billboard for advertising.With rich color will make a deep impression on the customer.