F3 Full Aluminum LED Display for Outdoor Fixed Installation

Neat all-aluminum, elegant appearance

Front & rear easy maintenance

Aluminum casing,good heat dissipation

High strength,no deformation,super flatness

High precision

Who We Are

ShenZhen TOPSTAR Technology Co., Ltd was found in Shiyan Street,Baoan District, Shenzhen, P.R.China,with an annual production capacity of 4800 square meter and annual sales of 20 million dollars.It’s a high-tech LED display enterprise which may be a combination of research, production,sales, and repair.The company’s main products are the indoor and outdoor LED display monitor,Transparent LED display, Universal LED display, Creative LED Display, LED Floor Display,Transparent LED Poster.

In the aspects of Transparent LED display,Universal LED display, we’ve the foremost advanced technology in domestic.The indoor and outdoor full-color LED displays produced by our company to possess an honest color uniformity and long life.Compared with similar products, it saves 40% energy.With an inexpensive and practical structure,it’s suitable for installing and using in every place and climate.

Nowadays, we already have a service network station in several countries, such as the USA, European countries, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Australia, Nigeria, etc. So, you are fortunate if you are the end user and do not know much about how to use the LED screen, then we have people in your country to help you with the installation, software system operation, emergency tech support and customs clearance. You are very welcome to be our next distributor if you are a very professional LED screen importer.

LED Display office
LED Display Machine

Why Choose US

Quality Assurance

Quality material starts it all

The idea of producing a quality LED screen is far-fetched when class is not keenly observed and strictly implemented at the very beginning. How well a product turns out aesthetically, structurally and functionally at the end all depends on the quality of its starting raw materials.The main parts for the led display are made by 1) the LED module 2) the control system and 3) the Cabinet. Therefore, including the LEDs, driving IC, PCB board, the module housing, cables, control card, and the cabinet, etc. Your LED Screen MUST pass the quality inspection strictly.
Experienced workers
LED Display Workers

Craftsmanship is at the heart of your LED screen manufacturer. We call ourselves craftspeople to express the passion we have for creating durable LED screens, and we are continually improving the manufacturing process, pushing your project to succeed as expected.

We believe only the most qualified staff can go that extra mile to meet your expectations of perfection. It is the reason why Bibiled never stops to employ more LED screen experts in the LED display industry.

Efficient Plant & Machinery
LED Display machine

We understand how important what the high-end machine could bring brilliant and most stable LED screen products for you.

Our investment in the latest technology also ensures that we can offer competitive pricing to make you satisfied. Four automated production lines allow us to achieve a higher output while maintaining the same high-quality product.

World Class Aging Test

We pay high attention to each process of inspection test when your LED screen during production, and bring the quality report to you.

We have three parts for the test of your LED screen products to ensure when you receive the products without any problems. 1) 24 hours when we finish the SMT process of the LED module. 2) The first complete assembled LED cabinet light up and aging test; 3) 48 hours for a fully constructed LED screen aging test by playing the videos, single color carousel.